Normal Tanks

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Platforms: minisPSPPS3PS Vita  Genre: Action  Published: March 2010

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NormalTanks is a fast-paced multi-directional top-down arcade shooter featuring classic run'n'gun gameplay with 3 difficulty settings. At the 8 challenging, dynamic and hazardous environments, inside the enemy bases or forests and mountains, you have to choose your battle tactics carefully to survive!

Over the 30 dangerous enemies types on your heroic way, including various tanks, machines and helicopters, robots and biomechanical creatures, pillboxes and missile sites. Crash, kill and destroy them all to move forward and with help of the red star power-ups, which upgrades your tank abilities: cannon, machine gun, shield and speed.

Some levels transform you to tiny mine-bot to stealth pass near the enemies and deactivate energy fields or to giant walking robot, which demolish everything on his way to the alien's hive! Try to finish the game without lost any life and save the universe the classic, old school arcade way!

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